Structured Cabling


Connecticut Communications will design, install and test all your voice & data cabling from CAT 5e, CAT 6, Coax Cable and Fiber Optic. Our licensed cable technicians ensure you get the maximum speed from your cable and will show you the test results as we terminate, label and test each cable.

Does your current cabling look like a tangled mess? If you have a problem with a voice or data jack, can you find that cable in the server room to see if there is something wrong? Connecticut Communications will install your voice and data cable neatly, test it and then label it.

There are many different kinds of cables out there, which one is right for your business? Should you use CAT 5e, CAT 6 or Fiber? Do I need to use plenum cable or will PVC suffice? Let the experts at Connecticut Communications help you select the right cabling for your current and future needs.

Do you have a lot of old cable in your office that you do not know if you are using? Connecticut Communications can identify and remove any cumbersome or irrelevant cable.