Is your company too small to have a MIS department? Let the professionals at Connecticut Communications set up your local area network (LAN). We can connect all the computers in your office to allow them to share files, connect them to a file server to share applications or back up existing files, and connect them to the internet. We can connect printers on your network so you can share printers instead of having one printer per PC, saving you money. We will make sure your computers have the latest in security software so you never have to worry about viruses again. Connecticut Communications can install a secure wireless network for your employees and guests. We will guarantee wireless coverage throughout your entire office space.

Ready to go to the cloud?  Connecticut Communications can migrate all your files and applications to the cloud for access on any device.

Once you are connected to the internet, how do you know you have enough bandwidth? Connecticut Communications can offer a variety of internet circuits from various vendors to meet your needs from DSL, Cable, T-1, 3MB T-1 and Fiber. Can your business afford to be without the internet? We can setup redundancy for your internet connection. For instance, if your T-1 circuit goes down the router will automatically go over to the cable internet circuit so you won’t skip a beat. Do you work from home? Do you want to access your accounting software from home? Connecticut Communications can set up a VPN (virtual private network) to allow you to access your company files safely and securely from the comfort of your home. Or, connect you to the cloud for file access from ANY device.